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Wooden Bread/Roti Roller Set

Wooden Bread/Roti Roller Set

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Hand varnished, Hand carved, Antique, Wooden Bread Roller for kitchen. This is a truly unique decorative bread roller, handmade from finest Rosewood wood by skilled artisans. Its unique brass inlay and beautiful design make it best choice for a gift to show someone your love and affection. Trendy Pakistan designs the lavish composition, which then carve by hand with admirable details. This beautifully made, remarkable bread roller is best known for its fine finishing and Elegant design. This elegant piece of art can be wonderful addition to your kitchen decoration. The craftsmanship is very good and it instantly adds interest and good mood to you and your kitchen environment.

Wood Handicrafts

  • Bread/Roti Roller Set.
  • 100% Wooden Man Crafted.
  • Handmade.
  • Premium Finished Product.
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