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AC Indoor Cover Made from Quilted Fabric, Dustproof

AC Indoor Cover Made from Quilted Fabric, Dustproof

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AC Indoor Cover

Air conditions are one of the expensive appliances that you install in your home. It also needs extensive care and protection against dust and dirt, especially during the winter season when AC remains turned off for months. During the Winter season both, the indoor and the outdoor units stay put to collect dirt and dust.


And when you rush to turn on your AC in the Summer season, you realize that your Split AC needs to be serviced before you can enjoy the Air Conditioner in your room, thanks to the dirt and dust it collected over the Winter season.

AC Cover

Well, there’s no need to worry anymore. has the perfect solution to protect your AC from dirt, dust, and water. We present Split AC Covers to protect not only the indoor unit but also the outdoor unit of your AC. These covers not only protect your expensive appliance it also adds a stylish look to it to maintain a good interior look. The outdoor cover is made of waterproof material to provide protection against rain and water.


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