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Star Libas studio

Un-stitched Digital Print Suit

Un-stitched Digital Print Suit

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Since the company's inception, Trendy has earned a reputation for offering products of the highest caliber. We are constantly working to offer our consumers a vast selection of high-quality designs. That embodies the total enchantment and defines an understated elegance that is certain to leave a lasting impression.
Introducing our newest Fall Collection. Our customers have a wide choices thanks to its varied range of design components, harmonic balance of classic and modern aesthetic, and variety of colors.
We wish you well in this season and a happy holiday season.


Vol 12 Peach Wool

2-PC Collection

Digital Printed Peach Wool Shirt
Wider Width 1.75 Mtr

Digital Printed Peach Wool Trouser
Wider Width 1.75 Mtr

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