Kitchen Accessories Set 20 PCS


Set of 20 Kitchen Accessories 100% Cotton,

Premium Quality includes:

  1. Apron
  2. Glove Pair
  3. Puppet Glove
  4. Double Oven Glove
  5. Tea Cozy 2pcs (Small & Big)
  6. Coffee Cozy 2 pcs
  7. Bread Basket
  8. Hot Pot
  9. Pot Holder Pair
  10. Changair with Romal
  11. Place Mat 6pcs

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Trendy Pakistan has designed complete package of kitchen Accessories to facilitate indoor kitchen tasks. Set of Kitchen Accessories is package of 20 items as mentioned above in description. This set is available in prefect colors that suit to your kitchen interior. While cooking these accessories best help and protect you from any harm and accident standing in front of stove. You can wear apron to keep your dress neat and clean, if you want to pick some hot items from stove or oven use gloves available in this set. This ideal is set designed to help our customers in so many ways for example it keeps your bread hot for long time in hot pot, serve bread on dining table in bread basket. Tea cozy and milk cozy available in two sizes and keep your milk and tea warmer for long time. Other items like placemat set, coffee cozy pair, double oven glove, puppet glove, pot holder and much more. This is complete package but it can be ordered item wise as per your need.


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