Kitchen Mitts, Cotton Glove Pair SOG 140


•Gloves made of 100% heavy cotton.
• Treatment of Soil release finish.
• Filled with heat insulation treated with silicone which makes them water and stain resistant.
• 15 inch*6 inch in 2 pack
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
• Free size, fits every size of hand.

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Usually you buy single oven glove but Trendy Pakistan has made package of oven glove. It’s a pair of oven glove, which can be wear in one hand or wear pair according to user need. You have witnessed oven glove/mitten that are usually available in market is not long enough, that can’t protect your hand and arm, but this glove is bit long in length that cover till elbow. These mitten made of 100% cotton filled with polyfil which protect you even in very hot temperature.Wear this mitten pair and work with ease and safety. It has standard size that can fit in any hand. Please do visit our Facebook page for details and inquiries.


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