Wooden Tissue Box With Man Crafted Brass Work TB-10

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  • Wooden Tissue Box.
  • 100% Wooden Man Crafted.
  • Finest Look.
  • Brass Work.
  • Premium Finished Product.

Hand varnished, Hand-carved, Antique, Wooden Tissue Box With Man Crafted Brass Work. This is a truly unique decorative Wooden Tissue Box, handmade from finest Rosewood wood by skilled artisans. Its unique brass inlay and beautiful design make it the best choice for a gift to show someone your love and affection. Trendy Pakistan designs the lavish composition, which then carves by hand with admirable details. This beautifully made, remarkable Tissue Box With Man Crafted Brass Work is best known for its fine finishing and Elegant design. This elegant piece of art can be a wonderful addition to your home. The craftsmanship is very good and it instantly adds interest and good mood to you and your environment.

Wood Handicrafts

Wooden handicrafts occupy a significant place in our history and culture. Handcrafted with skill and expertise, they reflect unparalleled artistic virtues. Wooden handicrafts are available in many sizes, shapes, finishes, and colors. Our wood handicrafts are renowned for their beauty and utility. There are many techniques that our craftsmen employ to create handicrafts that are nothing short of a masterpiece. Here, we will trace the history of our wooden handicrafts, learn more about the craft techniques, carving tools and finishes used. Let’s take a closer look at our wooden handicrafts like Trendy Pakistan Brass Work Tissue Box, and attempt to capture their true style and spirit.

Production Process of Handicraft

A lot of skill and hard work goes into every piece of wooden handicraft. It mirrors Pakistani culture, and each handicraft is a masterpiece in its own right. Let’s take a peek at the actual process which goes into creating a piece of wooden handicraft.

  • Raw wood available in the form of logs is cut into planks of desired thickness and length.
  • The piece of wood is then seasoned to obtain a texture which is favorable for carving.
  • Decorative patterns are first drawn on the wood with a pencil.
  • The design is then carved into the wood with a carving tool.
  • Craftsmen inlay the wooden handicraft with metal, bone, or wood which gives off a contrast effect, enhancing the intricacies of the carved design.
  • Different pieces of carved wood are joined together to make complete, functional objects like Trendy Pakistan wooden hand-carved hotpot.
    A protective coating is applied with a suitable wood finish.

Our Wooden Handicrafts

Handicraft is the traditional art of creating useful objects or decorative items entirely by hand. Wooden handicraft is a craft where skilled labor is employed to decorate or carve wood to create items with bare minimum tools. Each piece of handicraft is unique, owing to its individualistic craftsmanship. Goods involving mass production/machinery are not considered handicrafts.


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