Kitchen Accessories

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Bread Basket


SOG 04 Oven Glove Pair

 350  315
Bread Basket-26

PHP 04 Pot Holder Pair

 250  225

Bread Basket

Pot Holder Pair-10
Tea Cozy Set-24

Tea Cozy Pair

Single Oven Glove-10
Place Matt Set 24
Hot Pot Blue Polka Dot
Blue polka dot changer plus romal
Bread Basket 32

Pot Holder Pair


Trendy Pakistan is manufacturer and exclusive online seller in Pakistan.  We  add top quality kitchen accessories that is most useful and quality accessories.

That is made from top quality cotton duck fabric with inside filling with polyfill. That make them heat resistant and give best grip to handle while in kitchen.

Kitchen Accessories is include most cool and best designed Apron. This is made from cotton heavy fabric with best design that protect you and your dress.

Trendy Pakistan has exclusive design range in Aprons. In kitchen accessories we have Pupet Glove, Glove Pair, Pot Holder, Double Oven Glove,  set of placemat, Bread Basket, Tea Cozy in small and large size, coffee cozy and much more.

All range in kitchen accessories is available online on this store. You can buy this as complete set and give gift to your family and for brides it is best gift for them. You can also buy single item as per your requirement.