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Tableware is the most used product at every home. Trendy Pakistan has a huge variety and collection of different new and unique design table wares. You can buy any style, design or color table ware for your tables.

These table wares are made from cotton fabric. The fabric is very soft and never slips when your wore it on your table. This table cover, sheet or ware is wash able. So, you can use it for a long time.

The unique, modern style and design tableware looks very attractive when you wore it at your table. The cover is available is different fresh and cool colors of your choice.

It is the best time to have this beautiful cover for you dinning table. It has different pieces that you can place in front of every family member dinning chair.

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Trendy Pakistan has a variety of home products that perfectly decor and protect your Home Appliances. We offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction with 7 days return and refund policy in case of any issue. We are here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to keep you connect with us for our most usable house hold products.

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