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Trendy Pakistan Home Decor


Trendy Pakistan Home Decore category put its best efforts to decor and protect your household items like never before. In the home decor category, we designed the best top-quality exclusive product range for your home and office.

We have introduced the range in AC Indoor and outdoor Cover,  Best Wall Hanging Organizer made of heavy and solid color fabric in different shape and designs.

Another best addition in Trendy Pakistan Home Decor category is Sofa cover-sofa runner-sofa coat is available in various color and designs. We make all size and shape sofa coat, which ranges from normal sofa covers to L-shape and U-Shape sofas. And we also make the best covers for sofa combed also.

We use the best quality quilted fabric material for making Iron Stand-Iron Board covers, LED covers for all sizes, Tissue box, and chair covers as well.

Moreover, we use jersy cotton stretchable fabric for the dining chair and Suitcase. For suitcase, we make small, medium, large and extra-large size dust covers. And for chairs, we present standard and Large sizes. We also make one of the most appealing ceiling fan blade covers. Which includes a set for three blades of the ceiling fan.

Tableware is another attraction introduced as per customer demands. We have available for 4, 6 and 8 seat table runners as well as the full table cloth. We also accept custom orders for more than 8 chairs dining set also.

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