Waterproof Washing Machine Cover

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Waterproof Washing Machine Cover

Front Load Washing Machine Cover-TopĀ Load Washing Machine Cover

Waterproof Washing Machine Cover is one of the most useful product launched by Trendy Pakistan. As stuff used in its making is water and dustproof fabric material. So it protects from spillovers and stains. As the material does not penetrate water, so it is most suitable for the machines installed in outdoor or washrooms areas.

We make for all size and models waterproof machine cover. Which includes manual to semiautomatic, dryers and fully automatic machines. For manual machine full cover is made and for the automatic machine, backside flap is not added. Because at its backside, there are wire and pipe connection.

For top-load automatic machine, u shape zip is available on its top which you can easily open and use the appliance. And for front-load two zips are added on its both front sides which you can open for use and then close it after you are finished the wash.

You can book your order for all size automatic machines from 4 kg to 20 kg. Both for front load and top load machines. We deliver all over Pakistan, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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