Ceiling Fan Cover

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Ceiling Fans Cover

Ceiling Fan Cover is another beautiful and useful addition in Trendy Cover range for you. This cover will make your fan dust free and also enhance its look. You need to do not worry to clean its blades time and again. Just put on the fan and you are free until months.

This cover is made from stretchable spandex fabric. It is available in standard size and due to its stretchability, you can put on any size of fan wing starts from 48 to 56 fan.

This cover has another very important use is you can use it in ON mode of Fan and fan air quality is minutely less than without covers. This product is exclusively designed by Trendy Pakistan and is available in various colors.

Each set includes 3 fan blades covers. You can order in your desired color which suits your room theme. And the most interesting thing about this is that is easily washable and you can put it on again and again.

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