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Trendy Pakistan is an online store and has more than 100 K satisfied customer from all over Pakistan. It is an exclusive store, which brings a unique product range for your beautiful home.

We have given an idea in Pakistan that how you can protect your electronic appliances from dust, rust, and stain. We design and create the best appliances cover which is made from fine quality cotton fabric.  Trendy has launched a wide range of appliances cover.

Washing Machine Cover-Front Load-Top Load Machine Cover

A washing machine is one of the most used appliances in our homes. So it needs the same care also. Keeping this in mind we launched a waterproof and dustproof cover for it. It’s available for manual twin tub, single tub, dryer, automatic front load, and automatic top load machines.

For manual machine, we make a full cover for all sides and you need to remove it while you use the machine. And for automatic machines, we do not put the flap on the back. Because there are pipe and wire connections on the back of it. And the most interesting thing is that you do not need to remove the cover while you use the machine.

For top-load machine, we put a zip on the top lid in U-shape just open up the zip, lift up the lid use the machine and when you finished just put down the lid and close the zip. And for front load washing machine there is a zip on both sides of the machine. Open up the zip and close it when have finished with the wash.

Refrigerator-Fridge  Top Cover

Purpose of fridge cover is to keep fridge dust, stain and scratch-free along with decoration. Fridge throw is made of cotton dual-layer fabric with quilting inside. This cover has pockets on both sides to decor flowers and for storage.

Fridge cover has all-round piping which keeps cover to stay straight on the fridge. fridge throw is available in room size, medium, large, jumbo, full size, double door, french fridge size cover also available. fridge handle covers are available in all desired sizes.

Microwave Oven Top Cover

Microwave oven cover is made of double-layer cotton fabric with quilting inside, oven runner is not airtight so no chance of air blockage through exhaust, best oven throw to keep it free from dust, oil stains, and scratch, it has pockets on both sides to make it decorated with flowers or to put oven mitts or spoons, etc.  easy to wash and dry.

Oven cover keeps oven cover clean than ever before. It has all-round piping which makes the cover durable and beautiful. Microwave oven cover is available is small, medium, large, convection and grill sizes, we also accept customization in all aspects like size, design, and style. oven handle cover also available.

Water Dispenser Cover-Dispenser bottle cover

It’s set of bottle cover and dispenser base cover, water dispenser set keep water dispenser machine clean for a longer time than ever and bottle cover keeps a bottle of water looks crystal clear.

Dispenser cover is made of cotton and all-round piping on bottle and dispenser top throw. the regular size of the dispenser bottle is 19 liter, we accept all type of customization for size, style, and design.

Best Deep Freezer Cover-Quilted Freezer Cover

Freezer cover is made up of quilted fabric material. It is available in various colors and designs. We make for all sizes and model types for freezer like single door dual-layer and three doors. It contains one top cover with an elastic on all sides for perfect grip. And an addition piece for handle cover also.

All side elastic make it fix on the top and do not let it slip when you open the freezer. This cover makes your chest freezer look even more beautiful. Also, protect from dust and scratches.

Tower-Window-Split AC-AC indoor and Outdoor Cover

AC cover is one of the most selling product by Trendy Pakistan. We introduced this at the demand of our valued customers. Ac covers are available for all sizes 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton and also for tower and window ac as well.

We make in standard as well as customized AC covers on customer requirement. The cover has elastic on all sides, you just need to put on the AC and it will fix on it. This will help your appliance dust free.

LED TV Cover

Best Led Tv cover range in various designs in available at Trendy Pakistan. Its quilted cotton fabric material. Cover has and front flap as per the size of TV e.g 32 inches up to 70 inches and back flap with elastic on it for perfect grip.

This protects your TV form stains and unwanted dust. We also accept any customization from the customer’s end. You can select from our wide range colors which suit your TV lounge color theme. This fits all brands like Samsung tv, Sony, LG, Hisense, and TCL, etc.

  • Deep Freezer Top Cover
  • Refrigerator Top Cover with handle cover
  • AC indoor & Outdoor Cover
  • LED TV Cover
  • Top Load Washing Machine Cover
  • Front Load Washing Machine Cover
  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Cover
  • Twin Tub Washing Machine Cover
  • Kitchen Appliance Cover  Like
  • Toaster Cover
  • Sandwich Maker Machine Cover
  • Blender Cover
  • Juicer Cover
  • Chopper Cover
  • Coffee Maker Cover
  • Mixer Cover
  • Food Factory Cover

Trendy Pakistan has a wide range of appliances cover. We are also the maker of customized cover which perfectly meets your requirement. For further inquiries and order please connect with us on our Facebook page.

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