Best Features of Original Leather Wallet

Ajmal Hussain

Trendy Leather World is exclusive manufacturer and exporter of original Pakistani Leather products. We are maker of all tailor made original leather products like Leather Bag for men & Women, all types of Wallet, Tailor Made Leather Jackets, Belts for all sizes and all leather accessories.

“TLW is used finest quality leather material and prepare leather products totally handmade stitching. Top quality standard and top class finish leather products for you.”

Check our latest style Leather Wallet for Men and Leather Wallet for women. Keeping in the view of usage of wallet we have designed in most usable pattern. And help you to keep your valuable like cash, debit and credit card.

Best Features of Leather Wallet

If following features are available in your leather wallet, then you should buy this leather wallet. Keep 5 important feature of leather wallet


Leather Quality

No doubt leather quality is top feature of your leather wallet High-quality leather has a peculiar ‘feel’ when you hold it in your hand. High quality leather wallet is soft and has natural smell and feel perfectly If you want to evaluate it technically then full grain leather is the highest quality of leather. This is the uppermost part of the hide where the fibers are arranged in cross arrangement giving it extra life and it develops a nice patina with time. Next to it is top grain leather. Top grain leather is obtained when the upper layer is split apart and the surface is sanded to remove any remaining imperfections. It has a smooth look. It does not develop a natural patina like the top grain leather. The third and most commonly used leather is genuine leather. A thing to remember here is to not get confused by the word ‘genuine’ as it does not mean ‘original’. Genuine leather is the lower layer of the split in which the fibers are almost linearly arranged giving low strength and wear resistant. It is regarded as the lowest quality of leather.


Again size is a totally subjective thing. Bigger size may make it difficult for you to carry it in your back or front pocket but unnecessarily small size will also make it difficult for you to orient your wallet in your hip pocket. It will keep moving like [/] and [\] inside your pocket which is quite uncomfortable. A 4”x3.5” wallet will perfectly fit most of your jeans hip pockets.


Poor craftsmanship can completely overshadow a good design and high-quality material. Craftsmanship is the name of paying attention to very minute details. A small misalignment in sewing or cutting can make the wallet look really ugly. Craftsmanship is the reflection of the craftsman’s culture. You can find high craftsmanship in the south Asian region where people are associated with the art for centuries. The habit of doing things right to the core, attention to details and dedication to their art is something which has been transferred from generation to generation. So the next time you go to buy a wallet pay close attention to the corners bends, and inside areas of the pockets, that is where the competency of a good craftsman is hidden.

Extra Features

Everyday life is changing and we constantly require new features in almost every product we use. Credit cards were not very common a few years ago but now you can’t live without it. RFID-enabled cards are now getting popular as well. This new technology brings, with itself, some new security and privacy threats and you have to be on constant watch for skimmers. Your wallet can help you here. RFID blocking wallets are gaining popularity in the market. They use a layer of signal blocking material beneath the leather to keep unfriendly scanner out.

Apart from RFID blocking features, wallets are also coming equipped with tracker chips which easily connect with your Android or iPhone and keep you informed about the location of your wallet. This makes it less likely for you to forget your wallet in places like restaurants or coffee houses. But these features are not mature yet and I have found people complaining about poor battery, low signal range and malfunctioning of these features. Do read the user reviews before going for such high-tech wallets. They are nice but highly unreliable if you select a product which is not yet widely tested.

As a user what you want in your wallet do let us know in the comment section.

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