Set of Kitchen Accessories

Trendy Pakistan is officially brand in Pakistan to offer different products for kitchen, which help you lot while you are spending lot of time in your kitchen. Trendy made almost all type of kitchen helping accessories like Apron, Different type of gloves, different quilted holders, tea cozy, bread basket, placemat and napkin in your favourite or customized colors.Trendy does not forget your dining table, where family members and guest take breakfast, lunch and dinner. And it should be look neat and clean.We made placemat, different type of runners and table cover and sheets. All stuff made from top quality fabric with quality stitching.


How to make Kitchen Appliances Cover

Making Small Kitchen Appliances covers

Countertop Appliance Covers

Kitchen Appliance cover

Small Appliance Covers


You can give your kitchen designer look by making your own appliance cover or get ready to use from our online store. These appliance cover keep your appliance neat and dust free but also give bright and healthy look to your kitchen. How to make kitchen appliances cover. This question is not difficult for those who want to know how to pick the material and have all related supplies, know how to draw the pattern and then know the art of fabric cutting and sewing.But we give you ready to wear covers for your kitchen appliances.


Trendy Pakistan brings latest and unique household items for you to support your daily house jobs. Trendy Pakistan has introduced set of kitchen Accessories which is 19 pieces set to support and helpful in your kitchen. Set of kitchen Accessories include 19 items as per detail

  1. Apron
  2. Glove Pair
  3. Puppet Glove
  4. Double Oven Glove
  5. Tea Cozy 2pcs
  6. Coffee Cozy
  7. Bread Basket
  8. Hot Pot
  9. Pot Holder Pair
  10. Changair with Romal
  11. Place Mat 6pcs

We are familiar with usage and importance of Apron, while we are working in Kitchen and keep yourself  neat, clean and spotless. You can  save your dresses  from drains and liquid marks etc… This set of Kitchen Accessories made with 100% cotton stuff, available in dark colors, durable stuff and remained in your kitchen for long time.  If we talk about Glove Pair another important item of set of kitchen accessories. You can wear in hand and work and handle hot stuff easily in your kitchen. This is available in standard size which is easily portable. Puppet Glove is also family member of set of kitchen accessories and close to Glove pair. This puppet glove is usable where you want to handle kitchen stuff or want to pick some cooked dishes from oven. You hand and arms will safe from any heat. If you have this set of kitchen accessories in your kitchen then you don’t have to keep first aid box in your kitchen. This set of kitchen accessories gives you complete protection and safety and protect you from any sort of kitchen accident.


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